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A photochromic lens (or transition lens, as a generic hallmark from the trademark name Changes) is an optical lens that darkens on direct exposure to light of adequately high frequency, the majority of frequently ultraviolet (UV) radiation. In the absence of triggering light the lenses return to their clear state.

Photochromic lenses might be made from glass, polycarbonate, or one more plastic. They are principally utilized in glasses that are dark in brilliant sunshine, yet clear in reduced ambient light conditions. They darken considerably within regarding a minute of direct exposure to brilliant light, as well as take rather longer to remove. A series of clear and also dark passages is readily available.

In one sort of innovation, molecules of silver chloride or an additional silver halide are embedded in photochromatic lenses. They are transparent to visible light without a considerable ultraviolet part, which is regular for fabricated lights.

In one more type of technology, natural photochromic molecules, when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) rays as in straight sunshine, undergo a chemical procedure that creates them to alter form as well as absorb a substantial percentage of the noticeable light, i.e., they darken.

These procedures are relatively easy to fix; once the lens is gotten rid of from solid resources of UV rays the photochromic compounds return to their transparent state.

Photochromic sunglasses = sunglass with photochromic Lens

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